dzine blog covers 50 incredible examples of 3d type

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Type is usually reserved for the two dimensions.  Dzine shows how much the third dimension can make a difference.  In this showcase of amazing 3d typography they cover so many different types of tex that make several different points, that it can only illustrate (pun intended) how much typography matters in every day art.

Fantastic Logos

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For those of you who know us, we usually have a set of development idea images on us at all times.  I thought I was very clever, having a set of realistic and doable images that our team could reproduce on me to spark up some ideas at a meeting table.  This set is nothing short of amazing.  For someone who lives in design, these are the best design ideas I have ever seen.

Phono brings voip to the browser

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Voip has until now been limited to hardware and discrete programs or apps.  Phono is a game changing javascript (jquery) plugin that brings voip to the browser.  What does this mean?  Soon enough we will be able to use jquery to deliver high quality voip functionality directly to webpages.  Our team is working on a few different use cases to highlight what this can do.  While not totally mainstream (there are much better products out there for most of the projects we’ve developed), this may be something fun for the developer type to play with.

Web Without Words

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Any web developer knows what goes into a great wireframe, but that is only the first step.  In a strange move, webwithoutwords has taken the wireframe to a whole new level.  By adding elements of artistic flare and bits of javascript, they’ve turned a wireframe into a delightful site.  While the site may hinder some usability, it really is a model of what can be done, highlighting the wireframe and hiding color.

.jpgs with alpha transparency and WebP

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Anyone who has tried to open a video that just wouldn’t open has dealt with one of the disadvantages of different formats.  While different formats offer different benefits, others aren’t opened by your format.  In the same way, images have different formats as well.  Jack turner has taken the tried and true .jpg format and added transparency, something it never had before.

Google is making a bigger move in this space also, without transparency though.

quipsologies, great usages of typography

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It may seem a little absurd, a blog about typography noting another blog about typography, but this one seriously stands out.  If anything, his usage of pictures takes away from the simplicity of the site.  He modeled his site almost entirely out of CSS with limited monochrome icons.  I’m almost tempted to use his exact style sheet on projects of my own (but would never do such a thing).  I’ll admit, I was impressed by the illusion of dashed borders, but found out they were images.  He still manages to make a beautiful and usable blog, without pesky frills or excess that takes away from his content.

Designer Profile: Mike McQuade

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Mike McQuade is a graphics design artist whose interests line up with my own quite well.  His website balances mute yellows and typography along with ajax (with help) to make a lovely single page portfolio and blog.  He blends half hearted yellows with greens to accentuate his monochrome iconography.

you can see his site here.


Hello world!

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It’s official.  Thanks to all of you who pushed me to get this off the ground.  I recently finished a few more sites and I’ll be updating the portfolio when that happens.  Until then, feel free to write a comment or refer me to a friend, or two!